Hunt for the Werewolf By Donnilee (276k)
Rated: NC-17
Category: MSR
Summary: An old college friend of Mulder's is in danger and while working the case, they are made to see how much they are missing and where they'll end up if they don't give in to their love for one another.

Long Dark Night By Lacadiva (89K)
Rated: PG-13
Category: MSR
Summary: Scully wolf. Mulder dinner.

Loup Garou: I - V By Shael (476K)
Loup Garou: VI - XVII (908K)
Loup Garou: XVIII (100K)
Rated: NC-17
Category: not provided
Summary: A woman with past romantic ties to Mulder pops in and out of Mulder's and Scully's life. The problem? She is Alex Krycek's lover and a werewolf.

Lycanthropy By DBKate (15K)
Rated: PG-13
Category: X, H, UST
Summary: Strange things happen to Mulder & Scully after a suspect's attack.

Pepper By David Hearne (82K)
Rated: PG
Category: X, H
Summary: Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate a werewolf in a small Alabama town. Along the way they encounter a deadly werewolf hunter and the best chili in the South.

Shift By RedWolf (96K)
Rated: NC-17
Category: X, A, MSR
Summary: Mulder hears about a werewolf siting and drags a reluctant Scully into the boondocks to investigate.

Soldiergirl By Wintersong (24K)
Rated: R
Category: A
Summary: Bill Scully has an unusual Christmas gift for his sister.

That's All By Virtie (67K)
Rated: PG
Category: X-File, MSR
Summary: Scully is granted a wish on Halloween.

War of the Legends By Donnilee (700K)
Rated: NC-17
Category: MSR
Summary: Mulder and Scully investigate a series of bizarre killings, and learn who they can trust and who they can't. They need to choose a side and the wrong one could cost them their lives.
NOTE: Link contains entire series on its own page.

The Werewolf Chronicles By frogdoggie (385K)
Rated: NC-17
Category: A, R, X-File
Summary: Mulder and Scully travel to Wisconsin to investigate some cattle mutilations. Their discovery of the cause behind the mutilations proves to be very terrifying. The second part of this combined novel continues the werewolf saga. Mulder and Scully revisit some familiar Wisconsin friends and then confront some familiar foes in the wide ranging, dark and very disturbing X-File adventure.
NOTE: Link contains Wisconsin Death Trip & Not With a Whisper.

The Wolf Never Sleeps By mad_martha (249K)
Rated: PG
Category: X, UST
Summary: A dead FBI Agent, a clairvoyant with a secret, a mad vampire and a God-fearing werewolf.

The Wolfman Cometh By Polly (34K)
Rated: R
Category: MSR, H, MT
Summary: Another nice trip to the forest.

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